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Education Settings Seeking Additional Support for Your Pupils

How I can help...

I am able to offer a variety of services for early years/school settings including:

  • Bespoke training (delivered virtually or face to face) around a range of communication needs

  • Assessment and/or therapy blocks for students

  • Support with setting up targeted group speech and language therapy interventions

If you feel I could be of help to your school, you are welcome to contact me either via telephone or email to discuss your specific requirements. I can then give you more details about costings and availability. 

Image by Harshal S. Hirve

A. and I have found your teletherapy sessions really effective and no different to face to face sessions. They are absolutely great and have been really beneficial to A. A really liked the fact that you asked him what he would like to focus on and have given him some really helpful strategies for coping with his stammer. I don’t think there’s a lot that could have been improved had we been face to face. We’ve really enjoyed the sessions, it’s been a great experience and they’ve helped A. no end. Thank you again for all your work, expertise and kindness!

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