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Support for Adults who Stammer

How I can help...

You may have had speech and language therapy over the course of your life, or this may be the first time that you are considering treatment. Therapy for adults who stammer may involve support to explore and identify your stammering behaviours and may also involve helping you to manage your thoughts and feelings around your stammer.

Image by Janita Sumeiko

I felt very comfortable when having my teletherapy sessions and felt at ease with Laura. Laura has given me a lot of techniques and advice that have begun to help and transfer into my day to day. She has taught me about my stammer and I don’t feel as anxious about it anymore…

My stammer has improved over the last few weeks since starting therapy and it doesn’t really bother me as much as it did. Laura has also shown me how to deal with stressful speaking situations and how to manage the stress.


  • How does it work?
    Parents are welcome to contact me via either telephone or email to discuss their child's communication needs. Following this, it may be recommended that your child receive a Speech and Language Therapy Assessment. Assessments may be informal and include gathering information about your child’s needs though use of play, observation and discussion with parents/teaching staff etc. or it may include the use of formal assessment measures, for example using specially designed test materials, to gather more quantitative information about your child’s profile. Following assessment, I will spend some time with parents; discussing assessment findings and answering any questions. At this stage, I may also discuss next steps in terms of level of input required. This may include:- No support needed Therapy sessions offered and/or advice and training given to education staff Advice and activities provided, with the option to review progress at a later date I am also able to provide detailed reports to education staff/other professionals involved in your child's care as needed.
  • Where will therapy sessions take place?
    I tend to work with clients face-to-face in their own homes. I may also be able to visit a child in their education setting, if it is felt this is needed and is agreed with the setting. For face-to-face sessions, I typically work within Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. I am also able to offer teletherapy sessions in order to support families further afield.
  • How much therapy will my child need?
    The level of input your child needs, will be discussed with you following findings from their Initial Assessment. Typically, children are seen once a week for a block of 6 sessions. Following this, your child’s progress with their therapy will be reviewed and a decision made as to whether your child would benefit from further time to consolidate their learning or whether further therapy is required. Therapy sessions typically last one hour, which includes time for discussion with parents/carers and setting homework. I am able to provide a written ‘Therapy Programme’ for families and this can be shared with other people involved in your child’s care, as required.
  • What do you charge?
    Sessions are priced individually and rates may vary depending on the kind of visit and service provided. If you feel you need further information, please feel free to contact me via email or phone for a free consultation to discuss your needs.
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